Monte Vista Drama

Life is full of drama, why not join the club?

Thank you all for coming out to audition! I was being totally sincere when I said how impressed I was with the preparation and thought put into everyone’s auditions. It took quite a while to confer with Mrs. Reed and Mr. Pena, but both of them agreed with me that every one of you had a something strong to offer the show!

Lorraine – Noam Franbuch
Dean Hyde – Wesley Little
Dennis – Zach Lowhurst
Natalie Haller- Georgia Cunningham
Chad – Mason Spanier
Jim Haller – Sol Wycoff
Sylvia – Thannie Graff
Mayor Matilda Hyde – Katie Harding
Sheriff Earl – Kyle Statley
Miss Sandra – Nicole Wittenberg
Henrietta – Natalie Bennett
Warden – George Murphy

Fella -- Matt Lin

Other parts (including statues, barfly trio, and other featured parts) TBD